Scoring Breakdown: Published Versions of Mid-Year Informational Interim

Too many papers

Publication of Your Mid-Year Informational Interims

Throughout the second quarter, we reviewed how to correctly write informational essays and practiced the steps of the writing process. You published your final drafts and identified specific elements of your essay with a distinct legend.

If you’re wondering how you received your final grade, review the specifics on your informational writing assignment page as well as the items regarding formatting.

Inform and Explain

PFO, EE, CSE are the categories that comprised the majority of your score.

PFO= Purpose, Focus, Organization (4-1 points possible)

EE= Evidence and Elaboration (4-1 points possible)

CSE= Conventions of Standard English (2-0 points possible)

Forgot what the rubric looks like? Click here..


What do the + and – at the top of my paper mean?

+ stands for positive. I left at least one (1) positive comment about your paper.

– stands for negative. I left at lease one (1) piece of constructive criticism on your paper. Please read this comment and use it to help you improve your writing.

A Letter Grade Off for No Legend

On the top right hand of your paper, you should have included a specific legend that corresponds to the following elements:


If you did not include a legend, or if items on the legend are missing/ incorrectly labeled, I will deduct points.


''C-minus'? ??" Do you know how long it took me to find and download this term paper?'

Scoring System:

10-9= A

8-7= B

6-5= C

4-3= D





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