11th Grade Timed Practice Essay Exam

Writing Prompt: Should the United States maintain its embargo against Cuba? Provide evidence from the sources below to support your claim. You must cite all evidence correctly. Time Limit: 120 minutes Directions: Type your essay in microsoft word. Save your essay to your Google Drive prior to sending it to Ms. Ellis. Be sure toContinue reading “11th Grade Timed Practice Essay Exam”

Scoring Breakdown: Published Versions of Mid-Year Informational Interim

Publication of Your Mid-Year Informational Interims Throughout the second quarter, we reviewed how to correctly write informational essays and practiced the steps of the writing process. You published your final drafts and identified specific elements of your essay with a distinct legend. If you’re wondering how you received your final grade, review the specifics onContinue reading “Scoring Breakdown: Published Versions of Mid-Year Informational Interim”