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This page is a compilation of my own resources, as well as, resources from colleagues that I have garnered over the years. If you are a fellow teacher, please feel free to use the resources on this page. I would not be where I am today if I did not share resources with my coworkers. Please message me if you have questions!

Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics

The Basics: Common Conventional Errors

Bare Sentences: A list of Bare Sentences

Elaboration: How to Elaborate-ESOL

Structure of an Essay: Essay Writing Process with Templates (1)

Introduction: Effective Introductions

Types of Leads

Body Paragraphs: Tree Method

Conclusion: Types of Conclusions

Expository Essays: Expository Template

Persuasive Essays: Emotional Appeals


Grammar Practice: Grammar Bytes, No Red Ink

Spelling: Commonly Misspelled Words High School

Contractions: Kill the Contraction HW

Commas: Online Practice

Subject- Verb Agreement: Online Practice

Capitalization: Online Practice

Tenses: Online Practice

Fragments: Sentence Fragments Worksheet 1

Vocabulary: Write Starts Grade 10


MLA title.PNG

Modern Language Association (MLA)

MLA Handbook Pic.PNG


Purdue MLA Page.PNG


MLA Format: Works Cited Page Made Easy

MLA Worksheet 1

MLA Worksheet 2

FSA Testing Info

FSA Testing Info






Informational Rubric 6-11 Final

Argumentation Rubric 6-11 Final

FSA Writing Test Date: March 2, 2014

Updated Testing Schedule

Cartoon Kids Arguing

Argumentative Writing

Argument Essay Topics

Writing Situation

Planning Organizers




Body Paragraphs


Revision and Edition

Sample Argument Essays