Scoring Breakdown: Published Versions of Mid-Year Informational Interim

Publication of Your Mid-Year Informational Interims Throughout the second quarter, we reviewed how to correctly write informational essays and practiced the steps of the writing process. You published your final drafts and identified specific elements of your essay with a distinct legend. If you’re wondering how you received your final grade, review the specifics onContinue reading “Scoring Breakdown: Published Versions of Mid-Year Informational Interim”

Last Minute Reminders for the FSA- Reading

Forgot what we reviewed the week before the test? Look below for a student- generated list of stuff you should know prior to taking your assessment. Bring headphones to the FSA Reading test. Set up your scrap sheet of paper as soon as you get it. ( At least 4 sections, write “T.E.” on theContinue reading “Last Minute Reminders for the FSA- Reading”

How to: Locate and Utilize Textual Evidence

During our 10th Grade Rotations at Robert Morgan Educational Center, each teacher selected a standard in need of review. I retaught how to find and utilize the strongest evidence possible. In the screen shots below, you will see some brief notes from my lecture. The notes I modeled on our dry erase board were notContinue reading “How to: Locate and Utilize Textual Evidence”

Students Around the Globe Project

At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, several of my students participated in the Students Around the Globe project. The Students Around the Globe project works to connect various countries to exchange ideas while learning the English language. My students had a unique opportunity to participate. Since we worked with a small all-girls school,Continue reading “Students Around the Globe Project”

Audio Books

There are moments when you simply want to listen to a beautiful story instead of reading each word the old fashioned way. If you find yourself in one of these moods, try to find an intriguing text via audiobook. There are many sites to choose from, but here are a few suggested sites. Podiobooks Open CultureContinue reading “Audio Books”