Per. 4 Tempest Socratic Circle

Discuss the value of the play, The Tempest, and whether it is significant to 21st cent. classrooms. Are the themes applicable to modern-day society? Or are they too antiquated? Argue whether or not the play should  still be  studied in educational settings.

Bianni- Difference between old clip and new version of tempest of Prospero. The older man looked easier to convience and the woman looks more confident

Jorge- The setting and time period is different in the film, whereas the old adults where respected and looked up to more than woman

Matthew- the old man appeared strong and aggresive

Chloe- agrees with matthew POV

Bianni-the woman looked more demanding and the old man looked lay back.

Cece- agrees with bianni POV “In this way Prospero imiates god…”

Andy-Gods gender is never offically stated, and the woman looks more aggresive and powerful.

Jorge- Prospero is calm because he has the power and knows that is over his servants. His power is represented in uses of his words.

Cece- A god is ones POV

Bianni- A woman playing a male role shows the time period change

Jorge- The island in the images looked very isolated.

Bianni- Agrees to Jorge. Makes the scene looks more suspenceful. The island had more of a darker mood.

Andy- How is it relvatant to modern day?

  • Bianni-

Matthew-Prospero had an opiphany and a change of heart toward his servant

Jorge- Prospero was set to die. He has all right to be reventful. His has the art of using potential. Prospero is shown as a father figure,  and a role model after the vengence.

CeCe-thinks prospero has always kindness

Andy- Caliban is a metaphor how 17th century Europeans treated native individuals they incountered on caribbean island.

Bianni- Main conflict is between Prospero and the person that over threw him

Ivan- he forgave but didn’t forget

Jorge- doesnt think venegence isn’t apart of this.(ties back to the orignal question) it should be studied in educational studies

Matthew- prospero is portrayed under the description of god.(ties back to the original question) It should not be studies in educational setting because of the strong ties in cultural differences.



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