Period 6 Socratic Seminar- The Tempest

Discuss the value of the play, The Tempest, and whether it is significant to 21st cent. classrooms. Are the themes applicable to modern-day society? Or are they too antiquated? Argue whether or not the play should  still be  studied in educational settings.

Scribe Diamond Tate

Dixon – Agrees with Amanda on how women can take on men rolls. Transitioning from a man roll to a woman roll shows that men and women are both equal.

George -Feels we should be living in the future instead of the past because we don’t speak in Shakespears language and it isn’t useful.

Imani – Applicable to

Amanda – Yes it should still be taught because it shows women can still take on the rolls as men when it comes to acting. Agrees that it should be around because you’re always going to have people around guiding one another. Disagrees with George because if you don’t learn from history you’ll be clueless.

Dixon – Yes I believe it should be studied. Helps understand what was said back them.

 Imani – Agrees

Dixon – Agrees. Feels the same way about how women only took roll. Transitioning from the high same. Shows men and women are equal. Agrees w/Dixon feels we could use his strategy.

Alejandro – Doesn’t think it has anything to do w/the play.

Imani – Feels women playing in the play show the outside roll of women playing men feel that women can play men rolls.

Alejandro – States it’s talking about the theme not rolls. same roll just played by a female only difference , Also agrees w/Maydane. 

Devonte – Agrees that it doesn’t matter if women could play men rolls. agrees w/Maydane.

Maydane – Think it should still be taught shows how the past was.

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