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Shakespeare’s Life and Works Group Project:

In class, you were separated into groups and tasked with researching a specific part of William Shakespeare’s life.


  1. Get into groups of 4 or 5. I need 5 groups total.

  2. Research your assigned topic using credible sites:,,, etc.

  3. Create a Padlet including media (pics/ vids) for your assigned section.

  4. Sections:

    1. Shakespeare’s Childhood/ Schooling/ Upbringing

    2. Personal Life/ Marriages/ Kids

    3. Theater Career (Beginning/ Development

    4. Published Works/ Writing Style

    5. Death/ legacy

  5. Include a bibliography

    • Last name, first name. “Article, Pic/ Vid Title.” Site found. Date Accessed. Link.

    • Example


View the Shakespeare’s Life and Works group presentation notes here: Links to Presentations by Period.

Macbeth Packet: Second Quarter Unit- Macbeth.

Macbeth Audio: Click here to listen to the entire Macbeth play.

Full list of Elizabethan Terms: Elizabethan Language Terms RWT

NOTE: We are reading Macbeth through the digital textbook. Please go to and log into your account or access it through your Dadeschools portal.

Students: the Macbeth packet has been uploaded into your Class Notebook via the handout tab.  Please copy the document and upload it into a separate tab.

Need Help Understanding Macbeth?

(Side note: There is a bit of foul language; however the analysis is stellar.)

Try this video.

Macbeth Performances

Date of Performances: February 8-11, 2016

(Please check the list below for the date of your group’s performance.)

You must come prepared to present on your assigned day.

List of Performers


How will you be graded?

Macbeth Rubric SS

Scoring System

16-14= A

13-11= B

10- 8= C

7-5= D

4-0= F

Start Practicing

What are some things to keep in mind as you practice your chosen Macbeth scenes?

  1. All parts must be memorized! Only for extreme circumstances, I have allowed students to use note cards. During your performance, you will be allowed to ask for a line to be read for you if you absolutely need it, but every time you use a line reader, your grade will decline.

  2. Props/Staging: What kind of props are you going to use? Fake swords (NO REAL KNIVES), cloaks, make up, etc.  How will you decorate the front of the classroom to bring your classmates into Macbeth‘s world? Your job is to make it as realistic as possible. Do not go out and purchase a ton of materials. Utilize the items you have at home and get creative.

  3. Where will your group practice? You have a full two weeks to prepare. Choose a location either at school or off campus that you can practice your lines. The more you practice, the better your performance, the higher your grade. I also recommend videotaping yourselves so you can see what your mistakes are prior to coming to class.

  4. Practice. Practice. Practice. AND Practice.


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