“What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?- Etgar Keret

Outline for Study:

Objective: analyze impact of culture on POV


  • take notes on background information in text (p3)
  • Modern Day Israel:
    • various groups clash over internal boundaries of Israel
    • Israeli gov’t have control over most of land
    • Yonatan wouldn’t have trouble visiting cities located outside holy contested West bank area (Tel Aviv and Ashdod)
    • BUT
    • Yonatan would have trouble interviewing people living in Palestinian- controlled cities because of protective wall.
    • Israel vs. HAMAS (Palestine)
      • Basics:
        •  fight over Holy Land (Jerusalem)
          • map
            • israel map
        • Jewish people given land after horrible atrocities of WWII/ Holocaust
        • Palestinian people want legal Palestinian nation. Haven’t received it
      • Who Should You Know?
        • Israeli PM- Benjamin Netanyahu
          • Isreali - Netanyahu
        • Palestinian Authority- Mahmoud Abbas
          • Mahmoud Abbas
        • HAMAS– acronym for “Islamic Resistance Movement”
          • terrorist group in eyes of Western World/ Israel
          • HAMAS
  • Wall dividing Israel and Palestinian territory


The Israeli separation wall divides the Pisgat Zeev Israeli Settlement, on the left, and the Shuafat Refugee Camp, on the right, outside Jerusalem, January 25, 2011. Al-Jazeera released leaked documents called the

  • Another look at each perspective:

Israeli Propaganda vs HAMAS Propaganda- BBC

As We Read:

  • Read first 2 paragraphs and summarize what you know so far about Yoni’s project.
  • Key vocab: what does “poignant” mean? How will Yoni’s plans to create a film be poignant?
  • Click on ” Close Read” icon in your digital textbook
    • view screencast
    • write notes on the techniques reader uses to close read the text
    • let’s do the next paragraph (p4)
  • Idiom= “Cash out”
    • what does this mean?
  • Cite evidence to help you fully understand Yoni’s character and intentions. Use the Characterization Chart below.

Goldfish- Yoni Characterization Chart

  • While looking at the teacher’s outline of the story, create a Characterization Chart for Sergei. How does he differ from Yonatan?
  • Analyze: How does Sergei’s culture impact his POV in “What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?”

Honor’s Extension:

  • Research: Find a fairy tale with either a similar OR different central idea (theme) than our short story.
    • Step 1: In paragraph format, explain the similarities or differences. You MUST use textual evidence in your explanation. In addition to fully elaborating, use in-text citations for the information pulled from the folktale.
    • Step 2: Exchange your fairy tale with a partner. Read the new tale you have been given and then synthesize the idea presented in each text. Use the following questions to aid your synthesis:
      • 1st paragraph: summarize each text.
      • 2nd paragraph: What do the texts have in common? How are the different? Central ideas?
      • 3rd paragraph: Make broader connections. What do the themes presented say about the world we live in? How do the central ideas presented in the text relate to real life?
  • Making Connections: Draw a political cartoon  to compare the relationship between the Israelis and Palestinians in real- life and how they interact in the story.

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