Quarter #1 Writing Assessment (Argumentative Essay)


During the first quarter, we read texts that focus on how and why Europeans came to the Americas and what happened as they settled in unfamiliar environments. Relocating to the Americas dramatically changed settlers’ lives. In turn, the settlers changed the Americas through their interaction with its land and its native populations. Look back the “Of Plymouth Plantation,” and at other texts we read in HMH Collection #1: Coming to America. Synthesize your ideas about them by writing an argument. Your argument should persuade readers to agree with your claim about how immigration changed America, and how America changes those who come here.

Think about the following questions as they relate to the anchor text, “Of Plymouth Plantation”:

  • Why did European settlers come to the New World?
  • When settlers came to explore and settle the Americas, how did it change their lives?
  • What changes did these settlers bring to the Americas?

Choose one question to address in your argument. Then, select three (3) texts from this collection- including “Of Plymouth Plantation”- that provide evidence for your position. These texts might present similar or different views from each other.

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