Personal Check-ins

I invite each of you to check-in with yourself today. You can do so in a number of ways, and below you’ll find a few apps I love using to take a quick breath.

Insight Timer

This app is my personal favorite! The app is separated into nine categories: timed, guided, courses, sleep, music, parents, beginners, talks, and daily. There’s a little bit of something for everyone and their live events help me feel more connected to people around the world experiencing similar difficult moments or emotions. They have playlists that help you focus while you’re studying, and the site itself is really interactive. Check it out!


The Calm app was one of the first to offer free teacher and student accounts during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are so many neat functions that are sure to calm your mind or help you get to sleep.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a wonderful app for people who are new to meditation and some of their sessions are really short. The programs are categorized by activity (i.e.- classroom, work, research projects, etc.).

If you have suggestions for apps that you’d like to see linked here, please post them into the comments section.


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