The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald



F. Scott Fitzgerald




Student Presentations: 

Summarize the major events, discuss the literary devices and hidden meanings in your assigned chapter. You may present your chapter  by using either of the following platforms:

The Great Gatsby Journal

For each of the nine (9) chapters, you will be expected to write the following in your Gatsby Journals. Bring printed journals in a booklet (scrapbook, decorative binder, etc).

  1. Title entries with the chapter number.

  2. Write a five sentence chapter summary.

  3. Each chapter choose a different character to focus on.

    1. Name the character.

    2. Choose a quote that you think best represents the character.

    3. Describe his/her best and worst qualities.

    4. In a paragraph describe the character’s role in the novel.

  4. From each chapter choose one meaningful quote, and then describe its significance in the novel.

  5. Each chapter note at least two sightings of one or more of the following symbols: the color green, the color white, silver and gold, the ash heap, the eyes of T.J. Eckleberg, Gatsby’s career/Nick’s career, Gatsby’s library of uncut books/Nick’s unread books, Dan Cody, East Vs. West Egg, rain in chapter five, heat in chapter seven, Wolfsheim’s cufflinks, faded timetable (showing names of Gatsby’s guests), Gatsby’s cars/clothes.

Grading Gatsby Journals
Chapter Titles 5
Chapter Summary 10
Character Quote 10
Character’s Best/Worst Qualities 20
Character’s Role 20
Symbol Tracking 35
Total Points 100 per chapter (9 chapters total)

Journals are due at the end of the unit.

 Potential Activities:

The Gatsby Setting Map Project:

The Great Gatsby Setting Map Objective:

To create a map of the setting used in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby based on the descriptions given in the novel.

Areas Required on Map:

  • a. East Egg (pgs. 4 – 5)
  • b. Buchanan’s house (pgs. 6 – 7)
  • c. West Egg (pgs. 4 – 5)
  • d. Gatsby’s house (pg. 5)
  • e. Nick’s house (pg. 5)
  • f. Long Island Sound (pg. 5)
  • g. Valley of Ashes (pg. 23)
  • h. T.J. Eckleberg billboard (pg. 23)
  • i. Railroad tracks and motor road (pg. 23)
  • j. Wilson’s garage/house (pgs. 24 -25)
  • k. New York (pg. 4, 23)
  • l. Jordan’s aunt’s apartment (pg. 19)
  • m. Tom and Myrtle’s apartment (pgs. 28 -29)


  1. Choose a group of 2 or 3 peers to work with. Make sure they are people you can get along with!
  2. Sketch out a rough draft of map on notebook paper. Remember your map must be based upon descriptions from novel.
  3. Get rough draft approved and obtain permission to get a sheet of posterboard.
  4. Using various art supplies available in the room, draw your map on the posterboard. Make sure it is big and colorful and suitable for hanging on the wall.
  5. All areas must be clearly labeled. You may choose to use a legend for identification of smaller locations.
  6. All members of the group must sign their name in one corner on the front of the map using black marker.

Due Dates: Listen carefully and copy down the following due dates:

*Your rough draft must be done by ____________________________.

*The final draft must be done by ______________________________.

Assessment: This map is worth a total of 65 points. All group members must contribute to earn the same points. If there are students that choose to let their peers due most of the work,they should expect to earn few points. The instructor will be documenting your work habits. Please look over the attached rubric after getting in your groups. Be aware of how you will be assessed before you start the assignment. Fill out top of rubric and turn it in with the final draft of your poster.

Gatsby Map Evaluation Group Members:________________________________________________

Areas Required — 3 points each:

  • ____East Egg
  • ____Buchanan’s House
  • ____West Egg
  • ____Gatsby’s House
  • ____Nick’s House
  • ____Long Island Sound
  • ____Valley of Ashes
  • ____T.J. Eckleberg Billboard
  • ____Railroad tracks and motor road
  • ____Wilson’s Garage/House
  • ____New York
  • ____Tom and Myrtle’s love nest
  • ____Jordan’s aunt’s apartment

TOTAL — _____/39 ____/16

Logical interpretation based on novel ____/5

Easy to read–labeled clearly ____/5

Colorful and pleasing to the eye ____/10

Teamwork — did not argue, all members contributed

Extra Items? _____ points extra credit

GRAND TOTAL ____/75 = ____%_____

Gatsby Art

Draw posters of each of these major symbols and images from The Great Gatsby. Use descriptions from the novel to inform their representations.

  1. Draw the T.J. Eckleberg billboard.
  2. Draw the front page of a Town Tattler and on it list all of the gossip about Gatsby. Leave room at the bottom so you may add more gossip as you continue reading the novel.
  3. Draw a timeline including major events that precede 1922 and major events that follow the publishing of The Great Gatsby.
  4. Draw a work order for caterers, gardeners, etc. for one of Gatsby’s parties.
  5. Draw up a list of comments made by Nick or others about women.
  6. What kind of narrator is Nick? What does he have to convince us of? What do you know about him? Draw up a list.
  7. Draw a picture of the owl-eyed man and others who frequent Gatsby’s parties.
  8. Draw a picture of the ash heap. Include Mr. Wilson’s gas station.
  9. Make a “Who’s Gatsby?” chart which lists gossip about him on one side and facts about him on the other. Leave room so you may add information as you continue reading.
  10. Create a map of Long Island and New York City, tracking the forays of Nick and others. (If you are industrious include New Haven and the midwest on your map.)


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