Essay Scoring

Grading essays pic

How were your essays scored?

Recently, I scored your Fall Writing Interim essays. Even though we have discussed the writing rubric in detail, I wanted to provide an additional breakdown of the points system. Please view the number- letter system explained below.

Scoring System:

10-9= A

8-7= B

6-5= C

4-3= D


  • Your largest weakness is written on the front of your essay beside the corresponding category.

    • i.e.- “clear thesis” means you needed a clearer thesis in your introduction.

Reminders/ Patterns Found in Fall Interim Writing Assessments:

  • A title is not optional.

    • Come up with an original title and center it at the top of your essay.

  • Remove yourself from your essay.

    • No “I” statements.

    • No “I think” or “I believe”

  • Your thesis should be one (1) clear and concise sentence at the END of your introduction.

    • i.e.- When it comes to genetically modified foods, there are many benefits and risks. (p.1.)

    • OR

    • i.e.- “While the formation is above sea level, people come to see its fascinating features with different points of view- the “no mortal understands” versus the “we know” approach. (p.4)

  • Read the prompt and determine the type of essay at the BEGINNING.

    • Many of you wrote argumentative essays by giving your own advice instead of simply providing the readers with the facts.

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