English 3 FSA Retakers

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The FSA Retake begins on Oct. 12, 2015. Please come to school well rested and ready to test for three (3) straight days.

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Day 1: Writing Exam

  • Timed: 90 minutes
    • You will only receive an extra 30 mins. if you ask your proctor for extended time.
    • This will be an electronic test like last year. Please review your typing skills. (i.e.- formatting your paper, using the writing tools, positioning your hands on the keyboard.)

Day 2: Reading Exam Day 1

  • Timed: 90 minutes

Day 3: Reading Exam Day 2

  • Timed: 90 minutes

Don't Panic Sign

Review pic

Resources: The links are blue.

Writing Practice:

Spice Up Your Wording:

Grammar Practice:

(For extra grammar practice, please click below.)

Reading Practice:

(Time yourself! Do not spend more that 15 mins on one article)


cheating image- SIMPSONS

You represent yourself and this school. Pirates are clever enough to complete their assignments on their own.

If you would like an additional resource that I have not provided, please email me at msdrellis@gmail.com and I will do my best to post it within 24 hours.

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