Introduction to HMH Collection 1: Ourselves and Others

Research a Social Justice Issue and Create a Manifesto Explaining How Your Group Would Fix the INJUSTICE

Stand speak act pic


Put yourselves into groups of three (3).

Research a social injustice currently occurring in today’s society. (ISIS beheading Christians/ imposing their religious beliefs on others, other radical groups imposing religious beliefs, Russia invading the Ukraine (human rights), Immigrants traveling to various countries to escape poverty, racism in the US/ Europe, etc.)

You may only choose one (1) social injustice issue.

  • Start research here:

  • Compile your findings into a Prezi presentation. (

    • include group member names on the first slide of your Prezi

    • include vital information about:

      • what country or peoples you are concerned about

      • what is going on (give specific details, dates, names, etc.)

      • whether there are people or organizations are already trying to help

  • Add a manifesto to your Prezi (see below)

Create a manifesto with your group members by answering the following questions:

  1. Are you ready to make a declaration? (if not, when will your group be ready? 6 months? a year? college? as an adult?)

  2. What are you ending? (i.e., is it a social injustice: racism, discrimination, gender inequality, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration crisis)

  3. What do you want the world to be like?

  4. What sort of community are you creating?

  5. Who are we? (“We” means you and your group members.)

  6. Who or what are you defeating?

  7. What way of being are you promoting?

  8. What actions are you encouraging?

  9. What can you build so others can live your idea?

Be sure your Prezi is pleasing to the eye. Add graphics, visuals, anything that helps your audience (your classmates/ teacher) understand the information presented.

Be sure your Prezi saves correctly!

 Need an example?

Example of manifesto

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