Helpful Websites

There are so many sites out there and so little time to look through them all. I have often found a site in the middle of lesson planning only to lose it by accidentally hitting the infamous “X” in the top right hand corner. You’re probably familiar with what happens next. That brilliant idea, that phenomenal resource is gone to the internet gods.

In order to avoid that frustrating experience, I am creating a list of helpful websites for teachers. If you have any suggestions, please mention them in the comment section and I will add them.

Finding/ Sharing Lesson Plans

Language Arts Resources

Grammar Specific Resources

Writing Resources



Spoken Word

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Computer Typing 


Multi-disciplinary Resources

Classroom Organization/ Reminders


Digital Projects

Classroom Management

Lectures via Technology

 Professional Development Online

2 thoughts on “Helpful Websites

  1. Thanks for recommending PoemShape. Of possible interest to your readers: The most popular posts at PoemShape remain:

    Shakespearean, Spenserian and Petrarchan Sonnets

    The Writing and Art of Iambic Pentameter

    Monday’s Child is Fair of Face

    Recognizing and Using Caesuras, Enjambent and End-Stopped Lines

    And Iambic Pentamater: The Basics

    My wife is a teacher. 🙂 And I would be too if I had any sense.


    1. Thank you so much for these recommendations, @upinvermont! I’ll be sure to add these amazing resources to the list above. Please share my well wishes with your wife! Tell her thank you for being a fellow educator, and thank YOU as well for supporting educators.


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