Informational Essays

As we review informational writing, please copy the resources below into your Class Notebook. Ms. Ellis’ Notes on Informational Essay Writing   Legend: Any information that is grade specific will be highlighted in the appropriate color below. 10th Grade Specific 11th Grade Specific   Introductory Paragraphs Expectations: Intriguing Hook (lead) that is unbiased. (1-2 sentences)Continue reading “Informational Essays”

Bellringer #1: Witness Protection Writing Exercise

Directions: (to be completed in your class journal) Put a character in a situation entirely new to the character, e.g., college, a new school, a new job, a new city or country. Let the character improvise a new identity, as most of us do when we’ve moved into a new world. This exercise should not be aboutContinue reading “Bellringer #1: Witness Protection Writing Exercise”

All About the FSA

Don’t fret parents and colleagues. Everything you need to know about the FSA (Florida Standards Assessment) can be found here. Please message me if you have any questions or new documents to share! 🙂 Official FSA Website         Below you will see PDF files will additional information.  Information for all grades isContinue reading “All About the FSA”