Dead Word Tombstone Assignment

RIP TombstoneDead Word Tombstone Assignment


In order to improve our vocabulary skills and minimize repetitiveness, we are going to eradicate our elementary terms.

  • Create a tombstone for a dead word according to the list below. No words may be reused. Check with your teacher for availability.
  • At the top of your tombstone, write the deceased word.
  • Honor’s Students: Write a eulogy to accompany your term. Your eulogy may be a piece of prose, poetry, or rap. (optional for other classes)
  • Use your thesaurus to locate at least three (3) adequate replacements for the departed word. Include your replacements at the bottom of your tombstone.
  • Please be creative and proofread your work.
  • I will grade you on grammar and the adequacy of the three alternative words you recommend.

Dead Words List:

  1. good
  2. bad
  3. sad
  4. scary
  5. happy
  6. a lot
  7. big
  8. small
  9. first
  10. last
  11. said
  12. gross
  13. like (I Like)
  14. got
  15. exciting
  16. wrong
  17. tired
  18. right
  19. sleepy
  20. take
  21. angry
  22. confused
  23. smart
  24. complicated
  25. dumb
  26. nice
  27. mean
  28. dirty
  29. because
  30. thing/ stuff
  31. funny
  32. beginner
  33. late
  34. new
  35. forgot

Student Example: Tombstone- Student Example

Death Awaits TombstoneDead Word Funeral

The following class period we will have a funeral for our fallen words. Please dress in black to create a somber mood in the classroom.Dead Word Funeral

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