Informational Essays

As we review informational writing, please copy the resources below into your Class Notebook. Ms. Ellis’ Notes on Informational Essay Writing   Legend: Any information that is grade specific will be highlighted in the appropriate color below. 10th Grade Specific 11th Grade Specific   Introductory Paragraphs Expectations: Intriguing Hook (lead) that is unbiased. (1-2 sentences)Continue reading “Informational Essays”

Resume Workshop

Creating a resume is one of the most important tasks you should learn in high school. Whether you’re asking your teacher for a recommendation or applying for a job, a stellar resume is the key to putting your best foot forward. Please use this page to help you draft and perfect your first resume. Note:Continue reading “Resume Workshop”

The Tempest

During the second quarter, we will be analyzing William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. All of your resources can be found below. The Tempest Packet   Free PDF of the Play: Free Sound Files of the Play:   Analysis Questions- Collaborative Study Groups Act 1, Scene 1 (see digital text for line numbers What is personified in lines 16-17 andContinue reading “The Tempest”

Socratic Circle: Immigration in America

Essential Question: What does it mean to be an immigrant in America? After exploring various texts throughout the first quarter, you displayed your collective knowledge in a Socratic Circle to discuss our essential question above. Although any text read this quarter was viable, everyone should have four specific texts analyzed prior to the discussion: “Blaxicans”Continue reading “Socratic Circle: Immigration in America”

Essay Scoring

How were your essays scored? Recently, I scored your Fall Writing Interim essays. Even though we have discussed the writing rubric in detail, I wanted to provide an additional breakdown of the points system. Please view the number- letter system explained below. Scoring System: 10-9= A 8-7= B 6-5= C 4-3= D 2-0  or UNSCORABLE=Continue reading “Essay Scoring”

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

November is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo! Because of our stringent schedule, I cannot have the entire class participate in NaNoWriMo, but I would like to offer extra credit to students who participate. Sometimes we simply need a bit of motivation to help our writing come to life. Sign up for NaNoWriMo here andContinue reading “National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)”

Ms. Ellis’ Literary Duel: How Bookish Are You Really?

I officially challenge you to a duel of literary proportions! Each quarter you will compete against your teacher to see who can read the most books (nonfiction or fiction). If you beat me, you will receive an automatic “A” to use on any project (that same quarter) of your choosing. If you read at least tenContinue reading “Ms. Ellis’ Literary Duel: How Bookish Are You Really?”

Perpetual Return Writing Assignment

Directions: (to be completed in your class journal) Write about a foreign place that reminds you of some aspect of home. Or introduce some aspect of the traveler’s home world into this foreign world. (i.e.- Think about a very familiar smell, which takes you to the home of your neighbor across the street, except you’re sittingContinue reading “Perpetual Return Writing Assignment”

Imaginary Cities Writing Assignment

Directions: (to be completed in your class journal) Describe a city that doesn’t exist. Concentrate, if you have trouble inventing a city whole – focus on the clothing, the food, the houses, the organization of the streets, and the hand gestures that are somehow related to the geography of the place (a steep hilly town’s coordinatesContinue reading “Imaginary Cities Writing Assignment”