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With 12 years of experience as a high school English teacher and an MA in Historical Anthropology, I’ve noticed a serious need for a reinforced background in critical thinking skills and writing techniques, especially during this current pandemic where online teaching and learning have become our new normal. Over my career, I have taught a variety of writing, literature, and humanities courses (i.e.- World Literature, American Literature, British Literature, Global Perspectives, Creative Writing, Speech and Debate), and sponsored an award-winning yearbook publication as well as a literary magazine. Whether you’re a student in elementary, middle, or high school, I focus on a variety of writing techniques, grammar skills, and reading strategies.

My experience stems from teaching in independent schools, magnet schools, and inner city public schools which has allowed me to utilize a range of techniques to engage the students I tutor in addition to challenging those who are eager to explore advanced reading and writing skills. Whether it is reading a new novel and working on a deeper analysis of characterization, thematic ideas, and literary devices; examining stellar op-eds to improve one’s own writing; or working through assignments your own English teacher has assigned, I base my instruction on your personal needs. Let’s touch base over Google Meet, discuss your goals, and get to work! 

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